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High-capacity filtration station

    Water treatment

This treatment skid incorporates an automatic rolling media pre-filtration. The special feature of the CENTRIPURE™ is that it filters the fluid directly into an independent clean tank, so the liquid returned to the process is guaranteed 100% filtered. The CENTRIPURE™ is available in a standard version with 2 filter housings and a 250-litre tank, or in a customised version with an unlimited-capacity tank, belt filter, filter housings, high-pressure pumps, sludge and swarf removal tank, cooling unit...

Custom filtration

  • FILTECH™ : Pleated cartridge (filtration 1 to 100 µm – washable and reusable – installation without tools)
  • BAGTECH™ : Pre-filtration bag (filtration 150 to 600 µm – washable and reusable – installation without tools)
  • MAGTECH™ : Magnetic filtration (5 kg of particles captured – easy assembly and cleaning – power from 3000 to 11000 Gauss)
  • OILTECH™ : De-oiling microfibres (high retention capacity – hydrophobic fibres – 500 g captures 6 l of oil)
  • BANDTECH : Roll media for belt filter (wide range of materials and porosities)

Design to specification

Because our customers have different needs, we design CENTRIPURE™ to order. Whether linked to size, capacity or shape constraints, we adapt to your requirements.

Temperature control

The COOLTECH option ensures that the temperature of the liquid is optimally maintained within your process.



Water treatment



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