• HV™ technology

    This exclusive patented SIEBEC Sofraper allows an ultra-fast transfer of liquids while ensuring a complete cleaning of the containers, without liquid or solid residues!

  • TURBO™ technology

    The vacuum cleaner detects the suction context and automatically changes the motor configuration to favor a strong vacuum or a high air flow. Thus it sucks up both liquids and solids!

  • FINE filtration

    The fine filtration (20 or 5 μm) integrated in the discharge allows the direct reuse of the fluid in your process. This saves you a lot of time and money!

Discover SIEBEC Sofraper through our most famous machines

Very high capacity emptying vacuum
The TANKVAC HV is a self-contained, large capacity vacuum cleaner with fine filtration at the discharge. It is ideal for emptying and transferring large volumes of lubricants and non-foaming detergents. The 1203M TC version with a capacity of 1000 liters is equipped with SIEBEC Sofraper’s exclusive TURBO™ and HV™ technologies. A combo never seen before on the market!
Versatile emptying vacuum
The OPTIMOIL is a multi-purpose industrial vacuum cleaner designed for emptying machine tool bins and daily maintenance operations. The 203M TC version with a capacity of 170 liters has TURBO® technology that grants it a powerful suction with a simple 230V single-phase 16A standard power supply. The optional HV™ technology allows it to reach an exceptional transfer rate of 250 l/min!
High capacity emptying vacuum
The TANKVAC SQ is a self-contained vacuum cleaner with a capacity of 600 liters with a fine filtration at the discharge. It is ideal for the suction of lubricants from machine tools.

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