Versatile emptying vacuum

  • 170 liters
  • 5000 mmH2O
  • 750 m3/h

The OPTIMOIL is a multi-purpose industrial vacuum cleaner designed for emptying machine tool bins and daily maintenance operations. The 209 version with a capacity of 170 liters is equipped with TURBO™ technology with a 400V three-phase motorization. This unit is the most powerful in the line, both in airflow and vacuum. Nothing can resist it.

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TURBO™ technology

This patented self-adapting multi-motor technology is unique on the market. It allows the vacuum cleaner to detect the suction context and to automatically change the motor configuration to favor a strong vacuum (motors in series) or a high air flow (motors in parallel). Thus it sucks up both liquids and solids!

HV™ technology

This exclusive patented SIEBEC SOFRAPER allows for ultra-fast transfer of liquids while ensuring complete cleaning of bins, without liquid or solid residue!


  1. Standard suction: fills the suction tank to prime the transfer pump
  2. Transfer up to 250 l/min: once the pump is submerged, the high flow transfer mode is automatically activated.
  3. Vacuuming at the bottom of the tank : allows to vacuum liquids and solids remaining at the bottom of the tank to be cleaned

Liquid / solid separation

Provided by a 15 l stainless steel basket for 2000 µm pre-filtration coupled with a removable 200 µm bag.

Easy and safe to use

The emptying of the device is done by gravity. The sloping bottom ensures a total emptying. Moreover, when the “high level” of the tank is reached, a float closes the suction hole to avoid any risk of overflow.

Cleanliness & ergonomics

The accessory holder on a drip tray with polyurethane wheels ensures that the workshop floor is always clean.

Simultaneous suction and discharge

Possibility of deferred or simultaneous suction and discharge.

Fine filtration

The double bypass valve at the tank outlet allows the fluid to be discharged directly.

Accessories kit

  • Semi-rigid PE-metal cane (90 cm)
  • Straight PE cane (90 cm)
  • Flat spout (width 120 mm)
  • Flat bevelled nozzle
  • Reinforced suction hose with knurled screwed sleeves (3 m)
  • Floor nozzle (optional)


  • Sludge tank (30 liters): separate collection of sludge or chips. Flexible hose of 3 m included.
  • Fine filtration: fine filtration at the discharge on 5 or 20 µm cartridge.
  • HP effect: for an easy cleaning of the tanks.
  • Level indicator: visual control of the quantity of fluid in the tank.
  • Stainless steel tank: ideal for corrosive and non-foaming detergents.
  • Removable pistol grip: for easier and faster delivery
  • Pre-filtration pocket: for a pre-filtration of 2000 to 200 µm
  • Electric shut-off float: stops the motor for maximum safety in addition to the shut-off float.
  • 1000l IBC/IBC kit: connect your OPTIMOIL™ to a large capacity container.



Max airflow (m³/h)
Max depression (mmH2O)
Lubricated chips, Emulsions, Neat oils
TURBO™ Technology
HV™ Technology
Automatique HV™ Mode


Power (W)
Power supply
400V three-phase


Epoxy paint, Stainless steel (optional)
Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
Height (mm)
Capacity (litres)
Capacity with simultaneous delivery
Weight (kg)
Suction pipe diameter (mm)


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