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Frequently Asked Questions

Quali-filtres is the specialized branch of the SIEBEC Group in pharmaceutical and food filtration. Sometimes, the industrial conditions are close to those of the Quali-filters market. Some of the products presented on the SIEBEC website are therefore Quali-filtres products that we resell. No worries, the guarantees are the same!

We specialize in custom design! Each year, we realize several hundreds of skids on specifications to answer our customers’ requests. Do not hesitate to submit your filtration project to us, our design office will be happy to answer.

Dry running is only possible on the vertical pumps STX0, STX2, TXX0 and TXX2. For the other pumps we recommend to run the pump dry as little as possible in order not to damage them.

The correct direction of rotation of the pump is indicated on the fan cover. To check the direction of rotation, place a piece of paper through the fan cover so that it hits the blades. Briefly turn on the pump to drive the fan. If the piece of paper is pushed in the correct direction of rotation, the pump is correctly wired. Otherwise, 2 phases must be switched.

No. SIEBEC pumps are self-priming. The eccentric suction of the volute allows to keep the impeller always immersed (once it has been primed once).

The material of your pump tolerates different fluid temperatures. Our recommendations are as follows:

Polypropylene: Tmax = 80°C
PVDF : Tmax = 110°C

PVDF pumps have a “PVDF” sticker on the volute. If the sticker is missing, the pump is made of polypropylene. PVDF is easily recognized by its cool white translucent appearance.

Les pompes SIEBEC sont équipées en standard d’un embout rainuré ou d’un écrou. La plupart d’entre elles offrent une bride ou une extrémité filetée sur demande du client. Veuillez vous référer à la fiche technique ou contacter notre service clientèle.

The choice of a filtration bag depends on many parameters.
Among them, we find :

  • the desired filtration porosity (expressed in µm)
  • the filtering material (depends on the fluid being filtered)
  • the filtration technology (we offer 10 different technologies)
  • the length of the bag and its diameter (depends on the size of the filter)
  • the type of ring (depends on its compatibility with the filtered liquid)

We invite you to read carefully the technical data sheets of the respective bags where all the information is indicated or to contact our customer service to help you in your choice.