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Oil mist filtration

  • 1000 m³/h
  • 580 W

The ATMOS provides a healthier working environment and allows the recovery of large quantities of cutting oil, otherwise lost through spraying.

Very high energy efficiency

Our R&D team has developed a silent 500 m3/h module with 64 cyclones

High-performance cyclonic separation

The patented multi-cyclone technology alone removes over 99% of the oil contained in the intake air! The cyclonic effect forces oil droplets against the walls at very high speed. As they clump together

Eliminate harmful particles from your working environment at reduced cost

The final filtration stage, consisting of one to three HEPA 13 filters, ensures that the air exhausted by the appliance is clean. The HEPA 13 class requires the filter to pass only 50 particles of 0.1 micron per litre of exhaust air.

Thanks to cyclonic separation, the life of the HEPA cartridge is significantly extended, reducing recurrent consumables costs.

Ensure optimum operation

Light bars on the bonnet indicate the current status of the unit to ensure it is operating correctly.

An intuitive colour code tells the operator when it’s time to change the HEPA 13 filter or if the ATMOS™ is experiencing a malfunction.

The benefits

Healthy and safe environment

The elimination of oil mists reduces the health risks for operators due to prolonged contact with a contaminated atmosphere.

Lubricant savings

The cyclone technology allows to recover 99% of the oil volume lost by evaporation during the machining process and to put it back in the machine tank.

6 reasons to choose ATMOS

Modular design

The ATMOS adapts to air flows from 500 to 2000 m3/h.

Exceptional efficiency

Consumption lower than 290 W per 500 m3/h module.

Cyclonic technology

128 cyclones separate the oil from the air.

Minimum maintenance

Cyclonic separation efficiency significantly reduces the frequency of HEPA filter replacement.

Optimal efficiency

Custom-designed fan impeller for optimum performance at the posted flow rate.

Ultra-quiet system.


Power (W)
Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
Height (mm)
Max airflow (m³/h)
Suction pipe diameter (mm)


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