Chromium (III) bath regeneration station

IONPURE™ continuously eliminates metals polluting the chromium (III) baths in order to guarantee optimal concentration and constant parts quality.

4 kg of polluting metals collected in one cycle !

A revolution for chrom (III) bath treatment

Traditionally, to avoid massive pollution of the treatment baths, baths are often completely drained and refilled with brand new chromium (III) solution.

Such maintenance as a significant cost : it leads to a full stop of the production, a major quantity of effluent to treat and a nonnegligible cost of brand new solution.

IONPURE™ treats the chromium (III) bath continuously, keeping metal ion pollution to a minimum. Thus, there is no interruption in production and the volume of effluent is minimal compared to the traditional method.

Once the ion exchange resin is saturated (50 g of metal for 1 litre of resin), IONPURE™ switches to regeneration mode to clean the resin of impurities in order to reuse it in the next cycle.

Note: As IONPURE™ does not have an integrated analysis system, regular monitoring and analysis of the chrome plating bath is necessary to trigger the resin regeneration mode.

Features & benefits

Quality parts guaranteed.

Zero bath contamination due to the build-up of metal impurities. Top quality, every time.

Increased productivity

No production line interruption and reduced maintenance frequency.

Durable & profitable investment

  • Removal of a asignificant part of the cost linked to maintenance.
  • Reduced environmental footprint thanks to minimal effluent disposal.


  • 10 µm pre-filtration
  • 100% polypropylene pneumatic valve
  • Ion exchange resin (40 or 80 liters)
  • Special resin strainer
  • Storage of regenerating solution
  • Compact design
  • Touch screen interface


Width (mm)
Length (mm)
Height (mm)
Chrome recycling


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