High-flow pleated catridge

  • 0.2 - 100 µm

QUALI-HIGH-FLOW cartridges are pleated filter elements of the high flow type. The large filtering surface combined with the high porosity media provide the QUALI-HIGH-FLOW cartridge with minimal pressure drops and excellent retention capacities.

QUALI-HIGH-FLOW cartridges are assembled by heat welding (without glue) in order to guarantee maximum chemical compatibility and to avoid the risks of contamination. Resistance to pressure and temperature is improved by the injection moulded outer cage. Unlike existing technologies, this design provides the cartridge with greater rigidity and avoids any deformation of the cartridge in the support basket. There is no difficulty in removing the cartridge once it is clogged.
The QUALI-HIGH-FLOW cartridge incorporates a draining grid upstream and downstream of the filter media to ensure the pleats are spaced apart. This design increases the life of the cartridge while maximising filtration flow.

Features & benefits

  • Wide range of media and filter materials with porosities between 0.2μm and 100μm
  • 100% welded and reinforced design
  • High retention capacity thanks to its design (draining grids, multilayers, etc.)
  • Low pressure losses
  • Contains no surfactants, binders, adhesives or silicone


Max temperature (°C)
Polypropylene, Polyester
Filtration threshold (µm)
0.2 - 100


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