5 July 2022

TANKVAC™: a journey back in time

Sometimes we come across testimonials from the past that are much stronger than our modern marketing arguments.

Still true to form

That’s the case here with Thomas, our technical salesman for the West, who came face to face with a Sofraper dinosaur at one of his customers’ homes. Indeed, the TANKVAC™ was created over 40 years ago, and it has never stopped working at this user’s home. Other than the design and color code, nothing has changed: you’ll find the suction power and reliability of our units across generations.

Even the contact details have not changed!

The industrial vacuum cleaner

The TANKVAC™ is a large capacity vacuum drainer capable of vacuuming up to 4000 liters at 250 liters / minutes. Ideal for oils (even loaded with chips) or wash water (non-foaming), you will know how to find a use for it. Today, the device has gained in mobility; thanks to its large diameter wheels, it can be used in the workshop as well as in the field.

Still use your TANKVAC™ in 40 years.
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