Monitoring & correction of cutting fluids

Intelligent, this station provides remote quality monitoring of cutting fluids and automatic correction of soluble concentration. The EASYMIX™ is the only one to provide an accurate reading of lubricant properties -at all times-, it automatically corrects the soluble concentration, it manages the lubricant level in the machine tank and notifies the user via a cloud application.

Features & benefits

The assurance of a quality machining

Optimal soluble concentration. Perfect lubrication of cutting tools.

Maximum autonomy

Automatic monitoring and correction (soluble concentration, pH, temperature [option]) without intervention. Management of the lubricant tank level.

Personal space in the cloud

No on-site visits required. 24/7 autonomy. Data history.


  • Time programmer (start and stop of operation or synchronization with the start of the plant).
  • Alarm settings (concentration, pH, temperature, filter clogging, level detection, …).

Exclusive to SIEBEC

The EASYMIX™ station is the only one on the market with the following features:

  • Accurate reading of lubricant properties, even over time
  • Automatic correction of the soluble concentration
  • Management of the lubricant level in the machine tank
  • Notification & monitoring via cloud application

Cloud option

  • Transfer of PLC data to a secure cloud server.
  • Real-time visualization of parameters on computer or smartphone.
  • Storage of the history.
  • Sending email in case of anomaly (SMS option).
  • Data integration on local ERP (option).


Recycling of cutting fluids, Filtration of cutting fluids


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