Very high capacity emptying vacuum

  • 1150 liters
  • 5000 mmH2O
  • 750 m3/h

Le TANKVAC HV est un aspirateur vidangeur autoporté de grande capacité avec filtration fine au refoulement. Il est idéal pour la vidange et le transfert de grands volumes de lubrifiants et produits lessiviels non-moussants. La version 1209 TURBO d'une capacité de 1000 litres est doté des technologies exclusives TURBO™ et HV™ de SIEBEC Sofraper. Sa puissance de 9,5 kW lui permet d'aspirer des fosses jusqu'à 5 m de profondeur !

TURBO™ technology

This patented self-adapting multi-motor technology is unique on the market. It allows the vacuum cleaner to detect the suction context and to automatically change the motor configuration to favor a strong vacuum (motors in series) or a high air flow (motors in parallel). Thus it sucks up both liquids and solids!

HV™ technology

This exclusive patented SIEBEC SOFRAPER allows for ultra-fast transfer of liquids while ensuring complete cleaning of bins, without liquid or solid residue!


  1. Standard suction: fills the suction tank to prime the transfer pump
  2. Transfer up to 250 l/min: once the pump is submerged, the high flow transfer mode is automatically activated.
  3. Vacuuming at the bottom of the tank : allows to vacuum liquids and solids remaining at the bottom of the tank to be cleaned

Liquid / solid separation

Provided by a 15 l stainless steel basket for 2000 µm pre-filtration coupled with a removable 200 µm bag.

Simplified and safe emptying

The unit is drained by gravity or by an external pump, with a camlock connection and selection valve.

An electric high level indicator allows the automatic stop of the suction when the storage tank is full. Moreover, the design of the TANKVAC HV integrates a total retention to prevent any risk of accidental leakage.

Handling & mobility

The TANKVAC HV is available in 2 versions :

  • Towable version with large diameter solid rubber wheels. Double steering axle on the 4000 liter version for a minimum turning radius. The parking brake is automatically activated when the drawbar is raised.
  • SKID version can be picked up by forklift or electric pallet truck with long forks.

Intermediate suction tank

304L stainless steel tank with submerged pump, high and low level floats for HV auto mode and drain valve.

On board fine filtration & sludge tank

The fine filtration (20 or 5 µm) integrated in the discharge allows the direct reuse of the fluid in your process. A considerable time and cost saving. The FILTECH™ 20″ cartridge with very large filtering surface (5 m²) is washable and reusable.The sludge tank (optional) collects all solid particles and thus maintains the suction power of the unit throughout its use.


Accessory support for dripping, pistol grip with selection valve for discharge mode (with or without filtration).

Accessories kit

  • Semi-rigid PE-metal cane (90 cm)
  • Straight PE cane (90 cm)
  • Flat spout (width 120 mm)
  • Flat bevelled nozzle
  • Reinforced suction hose with knurled screwed sleeves (3 or 6 m)
  • Floor nozzle (optional)


  • Sludge tank (30 liters) : separate collection of sludge or chips. Flexible hose of 3 m included.
  • Fine filtration: fine filtration at the discharge on 5 or 20 µm cartridge.
  • HP effect lance: for an easy cleaning of the tanks.
  • Pre-filtration bag : for a prefiltration from 2000 to 200 µm.
  • Additional tank : Double the capacity of your TANKVAC HV with a second trailer with a 1000 liters capacity.



Max airflow (m³/h)
Max depression (mmH2O)
Lubricated chips, Emulsions, Neat oils, Pit emptying, Detergent products
TURBO™ Technology
HV™ Technology


Power (W)
Power supply
400V three-phase


Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
Height (mm)
Capacity (litres)
Suction pipe diameter (mm)


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