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FILTECH™ Watertech

High-flow pleated cartridge for water retention

  • 20 - 50 µm

The FILTECH™ WATERTECH is a large pleated filter element specifically designed for water retention in oils. The cartridge is composed of a polypropylene support and a polyester filtration media on which a super-absorbent resin has been grafted. These elements are assembled together by a heat welding process to ensure maximum compatibility and avoid the risk of contamination.

Features & benefits

Very large filter surface

FILTECH™ WATERTECH cartridges are High-flow pleated filter elements. The large filter surface area combined with the high porosity media provide the FILTECH™ WATERTECH cartridge with minimal pressure drop and excellent retention capabilities.

Filtration and water retention in oils

The FILTECH™ WATERTECH is perfectly suited for hydraulic oil, quenching oil, free-cutting oil… applications. It also participates in particulate filtration thanks to its 25 µm polyester filtration media.

Chemical compatibility

  • Water: not compatible
  • Acid: not compatible
  • Alkaline: not compatible
  • Solvent : Good compatibility
  • Oil / Gasoline : Excellent compatibility


Max temperature (°C)
Polypropylene, Polyester
Diameter (mm)
Neat oils
Washable & reusable
Filtration threshold (µm)
20 - 50
Available porosities (µm)
Media height


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