Pneumatic emptying vacuum

  • 7000 mmH2O
  • 160 m3/h

The WINDVAC™ is a pneumatically operated vacuum drainer. Available in 100 or 200 liter versions, it is configurable according to the customer's needs. The reinforced drum, mobile cart with total retention and vacuum head are all available separately. This allows access to the power of compressed air emptying at any budget. For maximum comfort and enjoyment, we recommend the complete WINDVAC™ package.

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Features & Benefits

Simple and intuitive

Activation of the suction or discharge by simply flipping a handle.

Improved working comfort

The compressed air supply provides powerful suction while keeping the noise level relatively low (72 dB).

Suction & Discharge

The WINDVAC™ is capable of discharging the contents of its tank as fast as it has sucked them in. Please note, the discharge cannot be done simultaneously with the suction.

Safety assured

The safety valve with integrated manometer ensures the control of the pressure inside the tank.

Minimum maintenance

A pneumatic powered vacuum, due to the small number of parts and their simplicity, does not require any particular maintenance.


  • Reinforced drum : 100 or 200 liters capacity drum, with stop float and anti-vaporization deflector. Available in stainless steel 316L (200 l only).
  • Drum cart : 120 or 220 liters total retention cart with hydrocarbon resistant polyurethane wheels.
  • Drum cart : Available in 100 liters (530 x 720 x 1060 mm) or 200 liters (640 x 840 x 1120 mm) version.

Accessory kit

Standard kit

  • PE straight cane (90 cm)
  • Flat bevelled spout
  • Dip stick with screw fitting + reinforced PU suction hose with sleeves (3 m)
  • Floor nozzle with lips 400 mm (optional)

Expert CleanOil kit

  • Semi-rigid PE-metal cane (90 cm)
  • Straight PE cane (90 cm)
  • Flat spout (width 120 mm)
  • Flat bevelled nozzle
  • Dip stick with screw connection + reinforced PU suction hose with sleeves (3 m)
  • Floor nozzle with lips 400 mm (optional)



Max airflow (m³/h)
Max depression (mmH2O)
Emulsions, Neat oils, Pit emptying, Pure water, Detergent products
Power supply


Diameter (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (kg)
Suction pipe diameter (mm)


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