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Autonomous fluid recycling and effluent treatment station

  • Special
    Water treatment

Dedicated to effluent recycling, EASYPURE™ is a compact and autonomous batch plant, adaptable to all types of liquids for discharge or recycling thanks to its modular design.

The benefits

Rapid return on investment

Reduces wastewater treatment costs.

Optimal properties

SIEBEC filtration eliminates particles.

Physico-chemical treatment

Very low treatment cost compared with evaporation or removal by a service provider.

Easy maintenance

Our ergonomic closure system simplifies manual replacement of filtration media.


EASYPURE™ treatment plants can be used for:

  • Wash water
  • Rinsing wate
  • Penetrant testing water
  • Test water
  • Hydraulic test water
  • Metal-laden water
  • Hydrocarbon-laden water
  • Water containing particles


  • Automatic and/or manual operation via touchscreen interface.
  • Control start and stop of operation or synchronisation with plant start-up.
  • Alarm settings (pH, temperature, filter clogging, level detection).

Automatic mode

1) Parameter setting

EASYPURE™ is designed for the targeted treatment of a specific pollutant, according to your requirements. The treatment process is initiated using a touch-sensitive control interface integrated into the station.

2) Batch treatment

Once the liquid has been delivered to the main tank, a dosing pump system ensures effective treatment of the specific pollutant, tailored to the required application.

3) Recovery modules

Pollutants can be recovered from various modules: filter bag on trolley for sludge recovery, canister mounted on trolley for oil recovery, etc.

4) Final filtration

Integrated filtration modules: fine filtration, activated carbon, ion exchange resin, optional anti-bacterial, etc.

Following this process, the fluid can be reused or rejected.



Water treatment

Polypropylene, Epoxy paint
Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
Height (mm)
Effluent recycling, Liquid filtration
Capacity (litres)


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