Qualipoche MULTI

Multi-layer felt bag

  • 1 - 100 µm

Multi-layer filtration bag with extended service life.

Triple the life of your bags!

QUALIPOCHE™ MULTI pockets are made with multiple layers of polypropylene or polyester felt. The layering of the felts creates optimal degressive porosity. This construction allows a wider spectrum of particles to be retained within the thickness of the felt: increased depth filtration for delayed clogging. The external surface of the felt is flamed to avoid any release of fibers.

Features & Benefits

  • Choice of successive porosities (1 μm to 200 μm).
  • Standard or custom made pocket.
  • Available in 2 materials: Polypropylene (POX) and Polyester (PEX).
  • Very high capacity economical pouch.
  • Increased bag life.
  • Reduces the number of stops and the consumption of bags.
  • Suitable for filtration of deformable particles such as gels.
  • Welded construction to avoid any risk of contamination.
  • Heat treated outer surface to prevent leaching.
  • Woven handle on O-ring bags for better grip.
  • FDA compliant. (PP felt)
  • Made from silicone-free materials.
  • Batch number on bags and carton


Polypropylene, Polyester
Type of filtration
Filtration threshold (µm)
1 - 100
Available porosities (µm)
1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200


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