Projects per year

A SIEBEC speciality: A design office to meet your needs

Our design office can assist you with all your specific water and effluent treatment requirements, such as:

  • Production of filtration skids
  • Customised water treatment machines
  • Adaptation/modification of standard products such as pumps/filters/vacuum cleaners
  • Customised filtration consumables
  • Hydraulic sizing and simulation

Treatment of water from industrial pipe stripping

This heliborne filtration skid was specially designed to customer specifications. A belt filter and a set of 16 filter housings (L SERIES) are used to filter water from penstocks. Its stainless steel chassis is approved for heliporting to places where traditional means of transport cannot reach.

Treatment and recycling of cosmetics industry processes

Complete treatment solution via a supervisory PLC incorporating the following technologies: Physico-chemical pre-treatment, Evapoconcentrator, Fine filtration, Ozone treatment, Storage tank for reuse…

Treatment of careening water for REUSE

Containerised skid for treatment of careening water before discharge into the sea.

Technical solutions :

  • Pre-filtration on a rolling media filter
  • Filtration on FILTECH™ 10μm and 1μm cartridges
  • Treatment on ion exchange resin
  • Treatment with activated carbon


Treatment of tribofinishing / dye penetrant water

This filtration skid treats the tribo-finishing process before discharge.

Technical solutions :

  • Decanter (conical tank)
  • Physico-chemical treatment
  • Automatic supervision system
  • Final filtration (10μm)

Paint wash water treatment

Skid for treating paint production wash water.

Technical solutions :

  • Physico-chemical treatment
  • Sludge dewatering in big bags
  • Automatic supervision system
  • Final filtration (10μm)