Acid bath recycling

Acid regeneration station for the anodizing process. The ACIDPURE™ controls the balance and aluminum concentration of the anodizing baths completely autonomously to ensure consistent treatment quality.

Up to 94% of the sulfuric acid is recovered!

A sustainable and profitable investment

Sulfuric acid consumption reduced by more than half.
Elimination of a significant portion of maintenance costs.
Reduced environmental impact by recycling the acid.

The assurance of quality parts

Optimal aluminum concentration.
Get consistent quality.

Increased productivity

No interruption of the production line.
Autonomous machine.
Reduced maintenance frequency.


Traditionally, control of the aluminum concentration of an anodizing bath is done in a rough manner by removing a portion of the bath and replacing it with an equivalent volume of demineralized water and sulfuric acid to keep a constant concentration (180 to 240 g/l).
This results in significant costs associated with the loss of sulfuric acid and the treatment of effluent with high acid concentrations.
The ACIDPURE™ allows the aluminum concentration of the bath to be controlled and adjusted completely independently. The use of the ACIDPURE™ reduces not only the amount of sulfuric acid discharged but also the acid concentration of the effluent by 70%, making it less expensive to treat. The combination of the two results in a significant financial gain.

How does the ACIDPURE™ work?

The ACIDPURE™ uses an ion exchange resin to separate dissolved aluminum from sulfuric acid. The aluminum is then removed to a treatment plant while the sulfuric acid is returned to the anodizing bath.


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Acid recycling


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