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Vertical Pumps


Features and benefits of vertical pumps

Characteristics Advantages
Vertical design Assembly immersed in bath
Pump body made of injected plastic (Polypropylene or PVDF) Excellent resistance to strong acids and bases
Max. fluid temperature = 80°C (PP), 110°C (PVDF)
Closed centrifugal pump impeller with diffuser Very good efficiency
Max. flow rate up to 23 m3/h
Max. pump-out height up to 19 m
Impeller driven by a back-balanced, bearing-less drive shaft (T50/200 and T72/202) No gaskets ; no risk of leaks
No wearing parts
Impeller driven by a long drive shaft with ceramic / ceramic bearing (T101/201) No gaskets ; no risk of leaks
Drive shaft height up to 756 mm
Version with counter-impeller (T72/242) Operation possible outside bath