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The SIEBEC H50 oil extractor consists of:

  • a Polypropylene filter body fitted with a fast-opening lid
  • a removable Polypropylene micro-fibre container (capacity 11.5 litres)
  • an automatically primed magnetic drive centrifugal pump (230V/400V –50 Hz) whose flow can be regulated by an exit valve to between 0 and 11 m3/h.

LThe unit is made of Polypropylene and can be used without risk on acid or basic solutions up to 70°C. The joints on the pump and filter are made of PMF.

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The container is filled with a charge of 100% Polypropylene microfibres. It is fitted with a 50-micron gauge filter cartridge, which is replaced at the same time as the microfibres.
The microfibres develop a wide exchange surface and have a large capacity to hold fats and oils: a 11.5 l charge of microfibres (around 0. Kg) holds an average of 6 litres of oil.

They are hydrophobic, and may be compacted and incinerated. There are no special instructions regarding storage, damp or use-by date.