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Filter S Series

Features Advantages
Made of injected plastic (Polypropylene
reinforced with fibreglass)
Great resistance to acids and bases
Max -uid temperature = 70°C (PP)
Filtration on S-TECH pleated cartridges 2 washable cartridges with a very large filtering surface (10m2)
Low operating cost
Filter gauge from 1 to 50 microns
Choice of optional, interchangeable filtration systems Filtration on paper with 58 discs 258 mm diameter
Filtration on 12 coiled or extruded 20” cartridges
Choice of magnetic or mechanical drive
Flow rates of 9 to 23 m3/h
Versions with high capacity dissolving tank Allows the addition of additives, the salt dissolution or the use
of filtration agents and activated powdered carbon
Option Carbotech system :
Prefiltration S-TECH/ activated carbon canister in series.
Filtration and granulated activated carbon treatment in series
(without any further adaptation piece)