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Filter L Series

Features Advantages
Made of injected plastic (Polypropylene or PVDF) High resistance to acids and bases
Max. fluid temperature = 80°C (PP), 110°C (PVDF)
Filtration on L-TECH pleated cartridge Washable cartridges with a very large filtering surface (5m2)
Low operating costs
Filter gauge from 50 to 2 microns
Choice of optional, interchangeable filtration systems Filtration on paper with 20 to 96 discs 195 mm diameter
Filtration on 7 wound or spun-bonded 10’’/20’’/30’’ cartridges
Filter gauge from 50 to 1 micron
Choice of magnetic or mechanical drive pumps Flow rates of 1.5 to 18 m3/h
Modular design Very high-capacity double-chambered version
Version with dissolving vat Allows the addition of additives or the use of filtration agents and active powdered carbon
Option of activated carbon canister, interchangeable with the L-TECH cartridge Granulated activated carbon = easier handling
Change from the L-TECH cartridge to the activated carbon canister in a few seconds, and vice-versa